So you’re striving towards becoming the ultimate braai master… but you just don’t know how yet. Trust Sunset CT Projects, the ultimate braai area patio installation specialists to give you the tricks of the trade. After reading these helpful tips, we are sure you’ll be ready to graduate from Braai Master school.

Always keep your braai grill clean- no one wants to eat dirty vleis. And no, the grit on your grill won’t add that extra flavour so make sure to thoroughly clean it before using it again. Check out our blog post on tips for cleaning your braai grill.

Be strategic– chicken usually takes longer to braai than steak or wors, so make sure you braai the chicken first.
Do not leave your braai unattended- we repeat, do not leave your braai unattended! This is a pretty common mistake but everyone knows that the difference between perfectly braaied meat and charcoal can literally happen within seconds… so make sure that the braai is always attended to. If you have to go, only leave trustworthy companions to take over.

Always have a braai tong in your hand- you’ll need it to turn your meat regularly to make sure the vleis doesn’t burn.
Handle the wors with care- dip the sausage in water before throwing it on the grill to help prevent it from bursting open on the fire.
Marinade equals juicy meat- don’t be shy with the marinade, your meat loves it. Try to brush some marinade over your vleis during the braai to make sure it’s coated in that juicy goodness.
Braais are not just about the food- yes, you heard us, it’s not just about the meat! A perfect braai is having lekker vleis and lekker people surrounding you.
If you’re in need of a braai area patio installation to show off your braai master skills, then get in touch with us today!