If you love spending time outdoors, cooking and entertaining family and friends in luxury and style all whilst in the comfort of your own home then you most likely considered getting an outdoor kitchen installed.

While the thought of being able to cook up a storm in your patio area while enjoying the fresh air and lovely nature your beautiful backyard has to offer can be exciting; there are a couple of factors you should consider. So since we’re Cape Town’s leading patio installation company and experts on the subject of designing structures for outdoor entertainment, we decided to share this simple guide to help you prepare for having an outdoor kitchen installed. 

Location is Key

This will definitely give you something to think about! The further away you plan on positioning your outdoor kitchen from your place, the more complicated things can become in terms of gas or electrical lines and water pipes. Another thing you need to think about is whether you’ll mind running to and from your kitchen to grab utensils, cutlery and other supplies you will require when cooking outside- as this can be quite inconvenient. So we suggest that if your outdoor kitchen is a quite a distance from your house, equipping it with all those essentials is best.

Features to have

It’s important to think about what kind of outdoor kitchen you want. Are you opting for something simple with basic features such as a prep and cooking area? Or do you desire something more luxurious, entertaining and comfortable that should have a bar, dining and lounge area? It’s no surprise that the more features you plan on adding, the more costly it will become. So keep in mind your budget, needs and wants as well as what the overall purpose of your outdoor kitchen.

Natural Elements

It might be something you forget to think about, but Mother Nature can often cause complications you’re not prepared for. Firstly, you’ll have to plan around climate conditions. Sf it’s all summery, warm and humid you might want to consider having outside fans nearby to make sure things don’t get too heated! If it’s wintery and cold then having a heater or fireplace is ideal. And let’s not forget about rain- having it covered is a must! If you live in a generally windy area, you’ll have to address this problem too. You also need to think about how you’ll keep your outdoor kitchen insect free- this one can be tough.


You have to make sure that all your equipment and furniture will be able to endure the constant exposure to the natural elements. They’ll be outside where the climate changes throughout the seasons, so when shopping, always remember quality and durability. Appliances should be made from durable material such as stainless steel or sturdy plastic. Countertops should be waterproof and furniture should be made from quality material and suited for outside.

If you’re really interested in investing in the foundation of your outside kitchen or entertainment area, then consider having a patio installed by the experts. Sunset CT Projects specializes in patio installation- with over 20 years of experience and hundreds of successful projects completed. Our clients are happy with our work and the transformation of their outdoor area. Get in touch with us on 021 556 2033 or admin@sunsetctprojects.co.za