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Servicing the Domestic , commercial and Industrial sectors. No matter what the size of your structure project, we have the expertise to fit to your specific requirements. Our structures are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colour options.

Sunset CT Projects – Cape Town is your local fully serviced metal specialty contractor / builder that custom designs and fabricates innovative:

Steel Patio Designs –

It is time to protect your vehicles and assets from the harsh weather seasons.

Don’t leave your vehicles and prized assets to the weather elements!!!!

Our structures provide shelter from rain, hail, blistering heat and winds. All carports and covers are customs fabricated on site to suit your wants and needs. Sunset CT Projects can provide you with that option as either a freestanding or an attached structure. We are familiar with designing and building permanent structures of all types in Cape Town to withstand our harsh weather conditions.

Year round protection is available at reasonable prices!

Cape Towns unique weather conditions: Sizzling heat. Really mean, strong and, severe rains and winds. Storms can produce heavy rains, abnormally high winds and damaging updrafts. Our vehicles are normally the second largest personal investments behind our houses. Get protected from the potential of any type of extreme weather conditions!

We are staffed by experienced and skilled personnel who will work with you to ensure that you don’t just purchase a structure, but that you get what you really want and need – a high-quality system that is custom tailored to your own project needs and requirements.

Today, there are numerous and various different types of building materials used in building any structure. There isn’t one type, size or style that fits all applications. In fact, there are no two custom structures that are alike. Every structure is different and that has to be determined before any prices can be given for any project. We visit the site, discuss and advise our customers on how to build and what it is going to take to get the project completed.

Permanent Patio Structures – are made from metal (Galvanized, colour coded Steel) building components for a reason. They are structurally engineered for use in a building designed to meet existing building code requirements. Any permanent structure can be attached to most existing structures or can be a standalone structure and must be anchored by concrete into the ground. Permanent structures are safer, sturdier and longer lasting over time and during harsh weather conditions. Each structure system must consist of a frame system and its pole members a well as its top covering and its related trim and accessories.

Structured Steel Patios –

Lip channel Beams & Purlins – Structural Steel comes in various sizes, shapes, and can be fabricated into several different styles to fit any type of configuration and design. Various sizes and lengths of steel are used for different open spans requirements.

The structural steel is available in a GALVANIZED Coated Finish that’s colour coded to your requirements. Various designs, styles and roof designs can be constructed using various metal building materials. Different size gauges and thicknesses are available depending on the required structure size and shapes.

Galvanized Steel Structures –

Galvanized structured steel structure members are used to build a more maintenance free weather resistant frame. The galvanized steel frame is silver in colour, the steel has been put through an additional coating process to help prevent rusting and making the need to paint the frame virtually non-existent even in the long run. Galvanized steel is the best, especially when they are exposed externally. Plus, the silver in colour frame makes for a cleaner and nicer fit & finished structural steel carport frame.

Some may want more than a carport and want an extension of there house. Some want what is a called aPorte Cochere ? Porte cochere (pronounced “port-co-SHARE”) It is a short portion of the covered driveway, usually located at the front or the side of a house, under which cars can stop while the passengers get out and go into the home. An attached, drive under, covered, high-end carport if you will.

Do it right the first time and you won’t have to do it again!

Patio Covers

Much like carport canopies patio covers structures are built out of the very same building materials We have all of the latest styles and options.

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