No, you’re not the only one noticing the shorter days and longer nights. It’s winter letting us know she’s on her way.

Many of us are tempted to stay in bed when the alarm clock sounds because it’s just so warm and snuggly underneath the blankets. We’re craving warmer foods like soup, stews and of course the classic hot chocolate with marshmallows. It’s all about the indoors during the winter season, with our constant need for warmth. But let’s not forget that there’s a whole world out there… starting with your very own backyard and garden. It’s all good to prep ourselves and our home inside for the change in season, but our home outdoors needs some loving too.

The metal specialist contractors know all the tips for maintaining your patio during winter. So when you’re brave enough to face the crisp air and enjoy coffee on your patio, you’ll be comfortable enough because things won’t be a complete mess. Following these helpful tips will make you and your patio winter-ready.

Keep Warm with some Lights or an Outdoor Heater

This tip is especially helpful if you’re planning on entertaining family and friends on your patio during the winter months. Lighting always adds a lovely glow to any space and will allow for better sight during the dark nights. An outdoor heater will ensure that everyone is kept warm and comfortable.

Remove Furniture or Seal It

If you’ve got old, fluffy and bulky furniture on your patio the best option is to place it in your garage or store-room during the winter season. Most furniture, especially old couches, will absorb the wetness and might even become dirty when the wind blows everything around. To ensure your furniture is protected from damage and ready for when summer and spring arrives, we suggest you store it in a safe place. If you have wooden or metal furniture, things are a little easier for you. Buy a waterproof sealant that’s specifically suited for your type of furniture and apply it before the change in season.

Tidy up

We’ve seen how messy things can get when the wind decides it’s going to blow all the sand, leaves and other dirt on your patio. To avoid this kind of build-up you’ll have to sweep the area regularly. If you find stubborn dirt that won’t let go of your patio’s surface; use some soap and warm water to wash it off and proceed to sweep afterwards.