Cleaning and maintaining the outside area of your home is just as important as doing it for the inside. This applies especially to your patio furniture which is constantly exposed to the outside elements. Your patio furniture deserves regular TLC in order for it to last longer and remain beautiful.

As a leading patio installation company, we’re providing all patio owners with helpful tips for cleaning their patio furniture. Every piece of furniture is unique, so it’s important to know what products to use and how to use them effectively.

Wicker Style Furniture

A popular trend in stylish décor furniture.

Cleaning Solution: Gentle oil-based soap and a soft brush.

Method: Use the cleaning solution to gently scrub off dirt and rinse with water.

Metal Furniture

These include wrought iron, stainless steel and aluminium.

Cleaning Solution: Combination of warm water, dish soap and a soft brush.

Method: Use the solution to wash off any dirt and rinse with warm water. Coat with anti-rust products.

Teak Furniture

A unique type of wood usually recommended for outdoor furniture.

Cleaning Solution: A mixture of ¼ cup Handy Andy, ½ cup white vinegar and ¼ cup of baking soda used with a sponge.

Method: Gently use a sponge and apply cleaning solution to furniture. Make sure to allow furniture to dry thoroughly once done.


This includes cushions.

Cleaning Solution: 1 cup of washing powder or liquid detergent and 1 litre of warm water.

Method: Place in the washing machine or gently hand wash with a solution. Once done, allow to dry and apply a stain-repellent fabric protector.