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Pallet patio furniture

There are many options for styling your patio. However, outdoor furniture can be quite expensive. We’ve come across a patio furniture trend that’s stylish and cost-effective. We’re talking about Wooden Pallets. So if you have any lying around at home that you plan on throwing away, try using them for one of these patio furniture ideas.


Patios are a great place for benches. You can sit back and relax while enjoying fresh air and what nature has to offer, in the comfort of your backyard.
A simple bench design with no back or arms is basic. However, if you’re looking for comfort then be sure to add legs, arms and a back section to your wooden pallet patio bench and top it off with cushioning. This will really bring a sense of luxury and cosiness to your patio area.


Use wooden pallets to craft a table that suits your patio. If you’re planning on entertaining family and friends then opt for a larger table, however, remember to keep space availability in mind. If you prefer having your patio space all to yourself, then design a smaller table to suit your preferences.

This is probably the easiest DIY project on our list, but the results will definitely amaze you.

Plant Holders

Plants and patios go together like Sunset CT Projects and Patio Installation. There are so many different options for creating plant holders with wooden pallets; we’re having trouble choosing our favourite designs. There’s the vertical plant holder which looks something like this…

And then there’s the flat pallet garden design that looks like this…

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty?

Okay, moment done. If you really want to transform your outdoor area, add a touch of colour to your patio by painting these plant holders.

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