Pot plants don’t always have to be boring looking. If you’re willing to put in a little extra work into brightening and livening them up, then continue reading this blog post for some excellent ideas for pot plant décor. The permanent outdoor structure specialists are here to inspire and get your green fingers out and creative juices flowing.

Spray Paint

Keep it simple with some spray paint. To achieve a basic yet statement look, use one colour spray paint that compliments your outdoor space. If you want to be a little more daring, you can always use more than one colour to achieve a more layered look that really adds a pop of colour. Using stencils will allow you to paint patterns across your pot plant. Opt for a mixture of patterns and colours that complement each other. We’ve seen a couple of gorgeous dusty or water-colour paints that look amazing on pot plants.

Glitz and Glam

If you’re opting for a more glamorous look, then glitter is definitely the way to go. Add that elegant glow to your outdoor area with lovely colour glitter glue. The different textures and look that glitter create will add a lovely contrast to the background of your backyard- where many earthy looks can be found. Usually, gold glitter looks absolutely stunning with the contrast of leafy green plants- so keep this in mind when choosing your glitter colours. With this option, you can also play around with patterns or shapes and don’t have to glam up the entire pot plant.

The Rustic or Aged Look

Are you into antique looking décor? If yes, then pot plants might be a perfect way to add that rustic touch to your outdoor space. If you are lucky, you might be able to purchase already rustic looking pot plants straight from the store. However, if you’re planning on tackling this project on your own, then you’d most likely want to use a matte or non-glossy paint. Ceramics make for an excellent antique looking pot plant, so consider purchasing them to achieve this look. If you’re painting over wooden planters then use sandpaper once done to add a distressed and rustic look.