Since we’re in autumn season with winter on its way; the nights are becoming longer with less natural light between the afternoon and evening. So you’re favourite patio installation company, Sunset CT Projects, decided to share these bright ideas (see what we did there?).

If you’re a creative person who loves DIY projects, you’ll simply love reading this blog post. But don’t let it stop there because these DIY Patio Lighting Ideas are fun, simple and easy to tackle. To continue reading, get inspired and let there be light… on your patio area!

Mason jar Luminaries

Not only are these pretty, but they’re functional as well. These Mason jar luminaries will come in handy as they can be used as a natural bug repellant. Because they require a couple of fresh ingredients, you’ll most likely have to refill them every week. However, they can also be used without the bug repellant ingredients as just a light source. We suggest that these luminaries be used on the patio table when you have guests over for lunch or dinner.

You will need the following:

  • Mason jars
  • 1 Tbsp. essential oils of your choice per each jar (we recommend Cedarwood & Lavender)
  • 1 fresh lemon & 1 fresh lime (per each jar)
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Water
  • Floating tea light candles


  • Place some rosemary into the jar. Fill each jar ¾ full with water. Add the tbsp. of essential oil.
  • Slice the lemon and lime and place 1 slice into the jar. Add more water until the jar is almost full. Place the floating tea light candle at the top.
  • Once you’re ready to put them outside or inside, light the candle and you’re all good to go.

String Light Garlands

So this project is really super simple and won’t take up much of your time or effort. However, the end result is quite rewarding.

You’ll require the following:

  • String lights
  • Screws & hooks
  • Hammer


  • Whether you want it to hang vertically or horizontally, all you need are your string lights. Just screw the hooks at which you want the string lights to connect in order to create your desired pattern. (E.g. if you’d like a vertical curtain string light effect then you would place screw hooks next to each other with equal spaces in between each hook).
  • Begin hanging the string lights, making sure they are secured around each hook.

Revamped Tin Lanterns

Just because it’s a bit old and rusty doesn’t mean it cannot be turned into something beautiful. This one is a must try because you’ll definitely fall in love with the results.

For this DIY project you will need:

  • Old tins (Coffee tins work well)
  • Paint (of your choice)
  • Sandpaper
  • Blank white paper sheets & marker
  • Masking tape
  • Drill (2ml drill bit)
  • Tea lights or LED lights


  • Remove the labels and glue off your old tins. Smooth the surface of the tin with sandpaper.
  • Use making paper sheets for your pattern and add holes along the lines of the pattern.
  • Stick the masking tape onto the tin (so that the paper stays in place). Then use a drill with a 2 Ml drill bit to drill the holes in your pattern. When done, remove the masking tape and paint your tin a lovely colour.

Add a tea light or battery light inside your lantern when needed.