So it’s Easter time and your children are probably super excited about getting those deliciously yummy chocolate Easter bunnies, eggs and marshmallows. If your kids are like us and love the outdoor area of your home, then hopefully this blog will inspire you to be a really cool parent and make eating those chocolate goodies super fun and interactive this Easter holidays.

That’s right folks; Cape Town’s leading patio installation and carport experts are giving you more inspiration for a fun DIY Easter Egg Hunt to plan at your home. We’ve got some lovely ideas to make this Easter holidays entertaining and fun for your little ones, all whilst in the comfort of your own garden or backyard. There’s more because some of these ideas have awesome free printables that you can use to plan your DIY Easter Egg Hunt. Yes, thanks to Sunset CT Projects for making things so easy.

Incorporate some exercises into the hunt

This is definitely worth doing as your kids will most likely be eating plenty of sugar- filled and chocolate treats. Add a short and fun exercise into the hunt, like making them do 10-star jumps or run 5 laps to get their next clue.

Floating balloons

We’re pretty sure all kids love balloons. For younger children, you could tie a couple of eggs or bunnies to helium balloons and place them around your garden and make them collect 2 or 3 different colours. For older children, you could place the next clue inside the balloon so they would have to pop it in order to find their next Easter treat.

Place an Easter Bunny Trail

It’s always fun for kids when there’s a trail involved. Use this printable Easter Bunny Trail and glue or prestick them around your outdoor area to create a fun trail that the little ones will surely love!

Counting Game

Including an educative exercise or game into the hunt will help improve their thinking and problem-solving skills. There are plenty of ways to incorporate educational styled clues into the Easter hunt. You could have a bucket filled with eggs and bunnies and ask them to count both treats and add them together to receive their next clue. Or you could have a personalised literacy styled math question that goes something like this “there are 15 Easter eggs and 8 Easter bunnies in this basket. (Name of child) takes 3 eggs and 2 bunnies, how many are left?”

Colouring Activities

This idea is especially suitable for your younger kids. They’ll be really excited to colour in their own Easter Egg or Bunny picture that they can keep after the hunt. Organise a little table with some crayons and watch your little ones have some creative fun.

Check out this cute printable Easter bunny or egg.


Golden Eggs

To add even more adventure into the Easter Hunt, add a special golden egg into the mix. Make sure that finding these special eggs are more difficult than the rest.