We are largely recognised for our amazing Patio Installation projects. However, there are a couple of other outdoor structures we have experience in erecting as well. One of these is called arbours. You might have seen them at a wedding ceremony or in your local park area, but Sunset CT Projects is here to let you know that arbours are perfect for your outdoors too.

These beautiful structures can be made from anything from wood to metal and can be designed according to your size and shape preferences. They usually stand alone, but can be attached to a wall or even as an entranceway to your patio. Arbours closely resemble pergolas and are usually arched, but they can be attached to a pergola for an extra bold look in your back or front yard.

The Wooden Arbour

The wooden arbour is much easier to erect but definitely doesn’t fall short when it comes to style. There is plenty you can do with wood as it’s quite easy to work, so we imagine there are endless designs for erecting wooden arbours in your outdoor area. The great thing about wooden arbours is that you can easily paint them to meet your colour preferences. However, we have to admit that leaving their natural colour adds a more textured look to your outdoor area.

Check out this lovely wooden arbour design

Tip: Just keep in mind that wood is generally more susceptible to weather conditions so they’ll probably need more maintenance than your metal or iron arbour.

The Metal or Iron Arbour

Arbours made from metal or iron are more firm and durable than wooden ones. However, despite their toughness, these beauties can still possess that sense of elegance and style you’re looking to incorporate into your outdoor space. These types of arbours are less bulky in frame and bring a sophisticated and rustic feel to your outdoors.

Tip: Climbing vines are great for softening the harsh look of your metal or iron arbours.

If you’re looking to add that romantic and elegant touch to your outdoor space, then contact Sunset CT Projects and we’ll show you that we’re not only experts in patio installation, but we’re all about that arbours too.