Concealed Guttering System, Timberless, Fully Installed, Maintenance Free!!!
Sun Room, Glass Room, Patio Room, Carport, Patio Cover, Walkway Covers, any space covered.
Our Unique, modern and Stylish Structures adds Value to your Home. Call Us for a Free Quote!


We Specialise in Aluminium Window & Door Enclosure, providing quality and professional installations.

We will custom build to your specifications, adding style, comfort and shade with Window and Door Enclosures.

Aluminium Windows and Doors are strong and durable, withstanding harsh weather conditions and never warping and twisting because of its inherent rigidity/strength. Aluminium windows and doors have a unique combination of sturdiness and lightness which enables frames, fittings and sashes to be neat and pleasing to the eye.

The air-tightness and lightness in weight makes it energy efficient. This will improve the insulation in your home and result in less draughty homes. The durability makes it a great long-term investment and ensures that it stays in a pristine condition.

Save time and money on maintenance without having to do any sandpapering or painting. With great safety features, an excellent appearance, sustainability and weather resistance, our Aluminium Windows and Doors are made to last.


We promise to give our clients the best possible price, excellent service and quality.
Paving is the “finishing touch “of your property which will beautify your living conditions and add value to your property.

With our harsh weather conditions (especially Sun and Wind), and our Water Shortages, paving is an excellent way to save water replacing large grass areas. Barren and sandy grounds can easily be transformed to neat and Stylish areas, maintenance would no longer be a worry!

Your home can benefit from our work of art. We work around Swimming pool areas, entertainment areas, patio paving and Driveway paving. We use pavers such as cobblestone paving, tile paving, bond pavers and cladding. Call us for a free quotation.

Where quality and pride in craftsmanship still counts! Craftsmanship without Compromise!